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We are an international consulting firm, with more than 7 years of experience, specialized in digital transformation processes, with extensive experience in the growth and evolution of institutions.

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We seek integral solutions for real transformations

We work together with the leading universities in Latin America and Spain.

We want to transform reality to achieve a better world, connecting organizations with digital evolution.

Our goal is to work together with our partners in their transformation and growth processes.

We are present in more than 10 countries in Latin America and Europe

NODS Group is part of a global, dynamic and innovative family of virtual program management, growth services and virtuality, serving more than 20 educational institutions throughout Europe and Latin America.

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We are specialists in accompanying educational institutions
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We blend technology, innovation and creativity with integral solutions that facilitate the reinvention of organizations.
Our end-to-end marketing services

The creative area where the most innovative projects come out: the laboratory where ideas take shape.

Accompanies our entire group with the right tools and strategies to consolidate processes of transversal transformation and sustainable growth of organizations

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Area specialized in the growth of Educational Institutions. We have a team of high performance and experienced professionals.

We promote technological evolution and propose sustainable growth strategies for educational institutions, with special attention to students.

We provide the tools and methodologies to create the future together. We are convinced that we can achieve a better world by bringing quality higher education to Latin America and the world

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Through our specialized professionals of the Contact and Technology Operations Center, we are able to work 100% aligned to the strategies and commercial objectives by automating communications in all channels.

Through the use of technologies we are able to connect organizations with their target audience, providing a totally innovative integral process management.

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NODS GLOBAL is a virtual campus that brings together programs, postgraduate programs, MBAs, master's degrees and content from the best universities in the world.

We want each student to be able to empower themselves without barriers and without limits. It offers continuing education from a global perspective for the leaders of the future. NODS Global is innovation and evolution.

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